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Perfect Drive-Thru Item In your CXT 7300  | e-mail post

About two months ago, I wrote about the offense to moderation International Truck was committing with the CXT 7300, a 21.5 foot-long SUV gone awry. Basically, my complaint was that the last thing a country already too dependent on expensive fossil fuels needs is a monstrosity of this sort directed at consumers who feel the Hummer is simply too small for them.

Today, Hardee's steals a page from their playbook with the introduction of the Monster Thickburger. [Fox] The burger alone contains an astounding 1,420 calories and has 107 grams of fat. Bear in mind that the typical adult male should be comsuming something like 2,000 calories and 65 grams of fat per day.

Just as the last thing we need with oil prices in the mid-40's is the CXT, the last thing we need in a nation with epidemic obesity is this heart attack in a wrapper from Hardees. Don't think obesity is that big a problem? When I wrote in August about smoking bans, I pointed to analysis from both the CDC and the Rand Corporation on just how big a problem it is, costing the nation almost $80 billion in excess healthcare expense in 1998 alone.

I must admit that What I found most ironic about the Hardees news was the line from restaurant consultant Jerry McVety, that some people still care about the taste of their sandwich. Jerry, we're talking about Hardee's here, I have never known anyone to point to Hardee's as a an example of good-tasting fast food. It's not like McDonalds' taste-so-good but so-bad-for-you french fries; Hardee's is more congruent: tastes bad, is bad.

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You said, "Hardee's is more congruent: tastes bad, is bad."

Yeah, but there's a LOT OF IT.

This is the kind of American behavior that defines our worst tendencies: "Quantity over quality" was supposed to be the reason why the Russians would lose WWIII. Their stuff was junk, so it wouldn't matter if they had four times the quantity - we'd just be using four times the ammunition to destroy it.

Read today's comments in my blog,"It's the Little Things," that highlights this sort of trait that I so despise.
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