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Politics and Consumer Purchasing  | e-mail post

I was a tad bit surprised when they came out with "W" Ketchup as a Republican alternative to Heinz, I mean, it only struck me a as a little less nutty than the change of "French Fries" to "Freedom Fries," which I thought was embarassingly juvenille behavior for our elected representatives. A friend gave me a bottle of "W" Ketchup on election day; it's actually good Ketchup. It's definitely high quality (not like Hunt's at all).

For those of you who do feel the need to make political statements with everything you purchase, though, Star Spangled Ice Cream offers an alternative to buying Ben & Jerry's, which judging from the images on the Star Spangled site, is the preferred ice cream of burnt-out reefer-smoking hippies (I'm not joking, they have a picture of some shaggy gray-haired guy in mirrored sunglasses toking on a spliff.). Funny, as Ben & Jerry's has been owned by the Anglo-Dutch global megacorporation Unilever for some time now. And, while there is a B&J Foundation that supports some liberal causes, I don't exactly think that Ben & Jerry's is a communist front organization. You do have to give them some credit for their inventive names, however. A sampling follows:
I'm sorry, but I think I'll stick to Ben & Jerry's untul Star Spangled gets some flavors like New York Super Fudge Chunk, "Everything But The..." or the new B&J special edition, "DJ's Candy Drawer."

And since both the UK and the Netherlands are consistent allies of the United States, when I purchase Ben & Jerry's I'm not only striking a blow for corporate globalism and thumbing my nose at moronic anti-globalism eco-idio-anarchists, but I'm also supporting two of our best allies.

So really, what could be more American than Ben & Jerry's? Also, don't forget to tell the hippies to buy it. That way you can take special glee in knowing they are contributing to their own opposition. [Insert evil laugh here.]

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