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Team America Soundtrack Out  | e-mail post

Two words: Buy It. Three more words: Buy It Now.

I picked it up after voting today. This soundtrack lets you appreciate just how good the Parker and Stone team are at creating genuine musicals. Some highlights:
The truly impressive part about Parker & Stone's music is that they can create songs that are pitch-perfect matches to their genre whether Broadway showtunes, ballad, country-western, or Kenny Loggins-style 80's rock and they match them with brilliantly written comedic lyrics.

Also, you might want to pick up the soundtrack to the South Park movie. After all, its lead track, "Blame Canada," was nominated for an Oscar. With the way Parker and Stone abuse the Hollywood elite in Team America, I don't think you'll be seeing any nominations this year. And "Everyone Has AIDS" just doesn't seem quite as likely to be embraced by Hollywood as "Blame Canada."

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