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Theological Observation - Update Arafat is...  | e-mail post

While the Judeo-Christian God is the same entity as the Muslim Allah, I can't help but think that maybe said entity isn't more on-board with the Judeo-Christian intepretation of religion, when you consider that Wednesday:
It could be a coincidence, but does seem a little suspicious. I'm obviously being a little tongue-in-cheek here, of course.

In related news, some Iraqis think they may need Blade to take on the United States:
"They call Saddam a criminal, but Bush is the biggest criminal and terrorist in the world. I only expect crimes and killings and occupation of Muslim countries from him," said Waad Mohammed Ali, a butcher in Baghdad's central Karrada area.

"Not that Kerry would have been much better. They're all determined to suck our blood."
Well, the idea that vampiric Americans need Iraqi blood is much more interesting (and only slightly less credible) than the idea that we invaded for their oil. Oh, and if you think that's just crazy talk, yesterday Wonkette suggested that Cheney needs blood, making it clear that it's just stupid talk.

Update: 10:47 AM Central - Reporter in Bush press conference announces Arafat has passed away. Bush's first words are something along the lines of "May God bless his soul."

This is a huge breakthrough in the Mideast peace process. We should all look forward to this.

Update: 12:50 PM Central - Arafat not dead. The suspense is killing me, no pun intended.

Update: 1:40 PM Central - It appears that Yasser Arafat is brain dead (what, this is news? just kidding) with only a respirator keeping him alive. No word if the PLO is trying to enlist Florida Governor Jeb Bush's support to keep him alive, given his unwavering support in the face of all rationality to keep Terri Schiavo on a feeding tube.
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