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I don't normally post just to pass along links, but I stumbled across the MythicJourneys.org site "The Big Myth." Geared probably toward children, it is a really quite interesting overview of a variety of cultures' creation mythology. It's done with Flash, and has voiceovers to accompany all of the written text as well. The narrator has the appropriate solemnity for the material. Even though it is geared towards kids, since it covers 25 cultures, there's probably some fascinating trivia for everyone.

For example, I was not aware that in the Babylonian mythology, the creator of the universe is (interestingly enough) a third-generation god who went on to become the Sun and man was created so the gods wouldn't have eternal labor..people would do the work. Nor did I know that the west African Yoruba culture believes that the lands, mountains and valleys, were largely formed by a hen pecking at an enormous pile of sand.

If you have kids or are a teacher, you can also order Big Myth on CD.

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