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Scorecard Update: Snow to Go; Treasury Needs a Pitchman  | e-mail post

john snow
Apparently nothing to smile about. Snow just doesn't look like a salesman. Internet treasure hunt: try to find a picture with John Snow smiling.
Time to update the scorecard as Treasury Secretary John Snow's gotta go, according to the Bush administration. [NY Times] That's understandable, given that Bush's man at Treasury is going to have one hell of a sales job, explaining why everyone should be comfortable financing a trillion or two to manage the whole Social Security privatization process. [Reuters via Yahoo]

It's got to be tough being a Republican Treasury Secretary when you have a president like Bush, who has thrown the whole ideological social and economic orthdoxy of Republicanism is out the window. I'm not saying this to be negative. It's just that when you have serious tax cuts and a war contributing to deficit spending, it makes you wonder about fiscal restraint. Of course, wars almost always mean deficit spending and the tax cuts are good economic sense for stimulating an economy. However, especially in such financial circumstances, you wouldn't normally also see a Republican President championing something like the Medicare drug benefit, itself a trillion-dollar program.

That's why the rumors that Bush's Chief of Staff, Andrew Card, could be a possible successor to the post seem reasonable. It would certainly fit the current approach of drawing on insiders for the cabinet positions. The other thing is that Card is a true believer in Bush, and the most important thing in any sales job is believing, sometimes as an article of faith, of the value of what you are selling. This means adding a Card to Bush's hand could prove a real boon when it comes to the showdown over the privatization process.

Here's the updated from Saturday's scorecard of the Bush cabinet:

Chief of Staff
Andy Card
Agriculture Ann Veneman
Mike Johanns
Don Evans
Carlos Gutierrez
Donald Rumsfeld
Rod Paige
Margaret Spellings
Spencer Abraham
?? (MSNBC with some ideas)
Health & Human Services
Tommy Thompson
Mark McClellan (speculated)
Housing & Urban Development
Mel Martinez
Alphonso Jackson
Gale Norton
John Ashcroft
Alberto Gonzalez
Elaine Chao
Homeland Security
Tom Ridge
Bernard Kerik
Colin Powell
Condaleeza Rice
Norman Mineta
Paul O'Neill
John Snow
?? (Andy Card?)
Veterans Affairs
Anthony Principi
Environmental Protection
Christine Whitman Mike Leavitt
U.S. Trade Representative
Robert Zoellick
Office of Mgmt & Budget
Joshua Bolton
Drug Czar
John Walters

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