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Spitzer Throwing Hat In Ring - Hardly Surprising  | e-mail post

It appears NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer will be announcing his candidacy for Governor of New York. [Reuters via Yahoo] This should come as a surprise to exactly no one. Obviously, one would presume he has had this on his mind for a while. After all, he did run on a platform of cleaning up state government but apparently figured that getting buried back in the "State News" section or only making the front page in Albany just wasn't going to let him advance at the pace he wanted.

Of course, Spitzer's work at "cleaning up" Wall Street certainly offers a great political launching pad. Taking on big corporations, especially when their dealings are questionable, is one of those motherhood and apple pie elements of what we prize here in America. But more than that is the incredible name recognition he has been able to develop. Most news-aware people around the country know the NY AG. How many other attorneys general from states other than your own can you name? Think about what his name recognition must look like in New York.

A quick visit to GoogleFight tells the story of the value of all that press:
Keep in mind, Spitzer was elected in 1998. Pataki's in his third term as Governor. Great news coverage.

BTW, for some other fun GoogleFight stats including Good versus Evil and Rational Discourse versus Ranting and Raving, see "As I Expected"

e-mail post | Link Cosmos | [Permalink]  |  | Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Where are you at? I hope you had a great Christmas.
Eliot Spitzer is a joke. A true political hack who is overstepping his bounds. He has no significant convictions.

He is overstepping his juridiction. What has he accomplished other than unsubstantiated allegations? Does he ever convict? He convicts via press release or via a public speach.

In fact, his action do not help the improve the financial system since he does not actually uncover any wrong-doings. He actually hurts New York's economy by creating a hostile, regulatory hurtle.

If the public makes him governor, then truly New York is lost. In fact, based on its economic record over the last 4 decades, it has already lost.
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