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The Rapping Cynic  | e-mail post

My friend (previously referred to as Slats Grobnik) e-mailed me this great tidbit from The Guardian today. "Big Mac Rap May Mean Artists' Payday". The basic idea is taking product placements out of the movie and television world and putting them in the recording arts.
Rap artists are accustomed to name-checking prestige car, clothing and jewellery brands in their lyrics. But if McDonald's has its way Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z and 50 Cent may soon be giving it up for the humble beefburger.

The fast-food giant is reported to be launching a campaign that will offer financial incentives to rap artists who mention its Big Mac burger in their lyrics. McDonald's will not pay an upfront fee, but intends to pay the artist between $1 and $5 (53p-£2.68) each time a track is played on the radio. It hopes to have several such songs on the airwaves by the summer.

Walt Riker, a spokesman for McDonald's in the US, said the initiative would be conducted by the US marketing firm Maven Strategies, which last year managed to get Seagram's gin mentioned in five rap songs.
I have a number of thoughts on this, as a business and marketing concept. But I am posting because the thought inspired me to bust a rhyme, as they say:
I'm not a musician, just a hack
Using my rhymes to pimp the big mac

It’s got a beef patty and some cheese
Smell that sauce wafting in the breeze

My bitches they love the sesame bun
I say I got your beef right here, hun.

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Would It Really Be So Difficult?  | e-mail post

I really enjoy movies. I went and saw Constantine last night, on which an old college friend (and fellow blogger at Deliberate Cinema) worked. It reminded me that I still have not seen The Machinist, which I would love to see, but I apparently will have to wait for it to come out on DVD. Why? I think there are one of two possible reasons:

1) It has not and will not be shown in my small rural community (Minneapolis, metro population 3.35 million) with little knowledge of or regard for the arts (even though we have more stage theaters per capita than NYC).

2) It was here briefly, but after its limited release in NY/LA, and I missed seeing an ad or showtimes for it (including a periodic check on Yahoo! showtimes)

If it was the latter, I would be very surprised. I visited the main website for the film, I tried to find a schedule of release dates by city (the similarly limited release film Memento did provide this, so I could actually plan to see it the day it opened here in town).

I simply do not understand why smaller filmmakers do not invest in the fairly simple website enhancement of noting their scheduled releases. I understand they didn't make 5,000 prints of the film so it could saturate every multiplex in America with staggered showings every 15 minutes. But since they didn't make as many, why not have the scheduled releases available, just in case there might be one or two souls in the 2,500 miles of land between NY and LA.

Now it is possible that they simply never bothered releasing it outside of the NY/LA area. If that's the case, that problem is really a separate one. But, at least update the website to say: if you haven't seen it, you can't until June 2005, when it comes out on DVD. It is almost as if the filmmakers don't want people to see the film.

If anyone knows of a site (fansites even) that keeps track of release dates by city for limited release films, I would love to know.

It is indeed a sad irony that bad films are so easy to find and good ones so difficult.
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Just Like Cops...  | e-mail post

....there's never a suicide bomber around when you could really use one.

While the King of Pop has his own media circus going on out west, France is doing a mass prosecution of 66 pedophiles for sex crimes against 45 children ranging from 6 months(!) to 14 years of age.

More information via the BBC.

Ironically, the trial is taking place in a town named "Angers"...kind of appropriate, as the whole thought of this does kind of piss me off.

Note: To those who were concerned I fell off the planet, I have been busy with many things. I will try to get back to posting regularly again, although I would suggest that shorter posts will be the norm for the next several weeks.
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