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Travel Travails and Fox's Airport Vice Franchise  | e-mail post

I had to do some travel earlier in the week to visit a client's client down in Lexington. Since NWA doesn't fly direct to Lexington, I had to connect through Detroit. All went well on the trip down, but on my return flight idiocy struck (I did mention I was flying Northwest, so I'm sure you were already expecting some sort of fuckwittage).

The problem came up at the Lexington airport, where my flight was delayed because one of the crew members heard an "unsual noise," which of course prompted the mechanic to check things out, delaying the flight by an hour. Well, I certainly felt safer after having the problem checked out though! It was raining, and the unusual noise was being caused by the "rain equipment," by which I think the pilot meant the wipers. The stewardess who actually admitted (announced, playfully, in fact) that she was the one who heard the noise and said she was concerned.

I don't want to be accused of reinforcing any stereotypes, but the stewardess who was frightened by the wipers was, in fact, blonde. I was not in the sort of mood at the time to ask if it was natural.

Of course, even with NWA's ridiculous schedule padding (giving them a fighting chance of having an on-time arrival even if they take off a half-hour late) I ended up missing my connection and had to hang around the Detroit airport an extra couple of hours. Given the improvements at DTW, however, this was not the worst place to be stranded, especially since you can actually smoke in the airport.

Somewhat surprisingly (to me, anyway), the Fox Sports Bar in DTW is the only place in the airport you can smoke. This struck me as odd, in combination with the fact that the Fox News store in the Minneapolis airport seems to have the largest porn selection of any airport newsstand I've seen (I mean an entire wall of wrapped magazines, it's like a Shinders if you're here in the Twin Cities). I thought Fox was supposed to be the right-wing, conservative family-values network? Porn, smoking, WTF? Do they run "full release" massage shops at some other airports?

Who knows, maybe they've got Bill O'Reily in charge of their airport franchise operations.

If he is, he might want to know that the Fox Sports bar in Detroit was running CNN on the TVs at the bar. I'm guessing employee satisfaction might not be real high.
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